Certified Practitioners

Multipliers is Worldwide. Contact us to recommend a Certified Practitioner near you for your next event.

We’re proud of our Worldwide Certified Practitioners and we’re always adding more. They’ve worked hard to be fully trained and ready to bring Multipliers to your team. We’d be happy to recommend one near you for your next event. Contact us soon!

Congratulations To Our Multipliers Certified Practitioners:

Alberto Acevedo
Aimie Aronica
Karen Beattie
Mario Borghino
Heidi Brandow
B.Y. Byun
Francisco Castaner
Rob Delange – Master Practitioner
Yolanda Elliott
Elise Foster
Jeff Galdes
Julie Gayner
Margarita Godoy
Nora Grasham
Marina Harper
Jon Haverly
Natarsha Hearn
Mark Hecht
Malte Holm
Hazel Jackson
Dan Leavitt
Linda Lee
Manuel Morales-Robles
Tomas Morell
Junaid Razzak
Wendy Roberts
Walter Santaliz
Mark Sato – Master Practitioner
Dawn Seckinger
Gurbakhsh Singh
Clay Stanley
Shu-Wei Tan
Ilana Tandowsky

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