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Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
Peak Performance Leadership Summit

Leadership Skills to Maximize Potential & Performance
Speakers: Liz Wiseman, John C. Maxwell, Michael Bungay Stanier

This one-day unmissable leadership summit will question conventional beliefs, push boundaries of leadership styles and individual potential and raise the bar on performance. Be assured that the day will expose a new level of possibilities within your organization, provide direction and focus to your team and help you build a plan of action that is consistent with the organizations goals and future direction.

- How to harness the potential of staff and colleagues
- 17 core capacities & how to increase your own potential in each
- 10 principles to increase your influence & leadership skills
- Becoming a 'Multiplier'
- 5 essential questions to increase focus, courage & resilience

- Business leaders; MDs, CEOs
- Department heads; Marketing Managers, HR Managers, Sales Managers, Team Leaders

Webinar - Virtual
WBECS – The World Business & Executive Coaching Summit

WBECS: An Exclusive Online
Learning Experience For Coaches

Presenter: Liz Wiseman
Part 2 - (Full Summit Webinar)

WBECS is the world’s largest, most impactful online event for business and executive coaches. Join the free Pre-Summit Event now and discover the coaching, business development and leadership skills you need to grow your business and gain an exponential competitive advantage - at no cost!