Harvard Business Review Article

Bringing Out the Best in Your People

Some bosses stifle their employees—and some make them shine.  Which kind are you?

By Liz Wiseman
Harvard Business Review, May 2010

We are pleased that Harvard Business Review published an article in their May 2010 edition based on our book “Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter” (Harper Business June 2010). This article, entitled “Bringing Out the Best in Your People,” illustrates how some leaders drain the intelligence and capability out of their teams while others leaders care less about flaunting their own IQs and more about fostering a culture of intelligence in their organizations. Under the leadership of these “Multipliers,” employees don’t just feel smarter; they become smarter. The article outlines the five disciplines of the Multipliers and provides illustration of 5 leaders operating as Multipliers in their companies. It concludes with several practical starting points for inviting people’s best thinking and getting their full effort and capability.
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