My Gratitude / Your Genius

On November 24, 2010, in Diminishers, leadership, management, Multipliers, by Liz Wiseman

It was almost a year ago that I finished writing the acknowledgements for Multipliers, sent it off to Harper Business and checked it off my list of things to do. Those acknowledgements reflect our deep gratitude for the myriads of people who contributed time and talent to produce Multipliers. But, our work to get the […]

Are You a Genius or a Genius Maker?

On August 18, 2010, in Diminishers, Multipliers, by admin

I know of a Stanford professor who is a brilliant thinker and renowned researcher.  The unintended consequence is that he is so busy publishing papers, books and blogs that he has a tendency to overlook the brilliance in his students.  Specifically, his PhD candidates confess to having no face time with their highly regarded academic […]