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Multipliers Inspires “Risk and Iterate” at Nike

Take a risk. Try something new. Iterate. If it doesn’t work, that’s OK. Learn from it and move forward. This is the philosophy of Casey Lehner, Nike’s Senior Director of Design Operations and recipient of the Wiseman Group’s 2012 Business Multiplier of the Year Award. The Multipliers book forms a cornerstone of Nike’s Manager Excellence initiative that focuses on developing people managers as a force to multiply team performance and fuel business growth through leading, coaching, driving and inspiring their teams.

Multipliers Goes Viral at Banana Republic

Banana Republic rolled out Multipliers during a time of intense pressure when leaders were faced with the daunting task of turning around their business.

In this video, learn how Multipliers has become embedded in the culture of Banana Republic, not through a highly scripted implementation plan but through leaders who are living and sharing the Multipliers principles on a daily basis.

Achieving More with Less: Emirates Airlines Multiplies Its Talent

Like other fast-growth organizations, Emirates Airlines faced the challenge of hiring too many people too quickly while often leaving latent talent on the table. This strategy works in a strong economy but during challenging times, simply hiring more heads won’t deliver the business results needed.

In this video, learn how Multipliers helped Emirates engage and capitalize on their existing talent.

Bluewire Media Sparks Genius

Toby Jenkins and Adam Franklin, business partners who lead Australia-based Bluewire Media, have put the Multipliers leadership principles to work in their growing web strategy firm. They used the Talent Magnet discipline to identify the “native genius” of every team member, discovering ways to utilize each person’s capabilities to the fullest. Watch these videos to see how Bluewire Media has used the native genius concept to:

Maximize Employee Potential

Retain Key Employees

Overcome a Significant Business Challenge

Boost Client Relationships

Multipliers Helps World Vision Achieve Its Mission

World Vision International is an organization with wicked smart leaders and a huge vision – to help children, families and communities across the globe overcome poverty and injustice. Their leaders implemented Multipliers to tap into intelligence beyond their own and harness the brainpower of the communities they serve. According to Heidi Brandow, Leadership Advisor at World Vision, “The Multipliers plan is working.” In this video we hear how Multipliers has empowered people in impoverished communities to contribute beyond what they thought possible and see the genius in themselves.

It Takes More Than A Genius to Run a Medical School

Dr. Darrell Kirch, President and CEO of the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), recently called for a new vision of leadership at the nation’s medical schools and teaching hospitals. “Instead of one leader with special knowledge to be the ‘sage at the top,’ we need Multipliers who unleash others’ full potential and create an atmosphere of genius.” In this video you will learn how medical school leaders can address healthcare’s more-with-less dilemma by moving from “Moses” to Multipliers.