How do we prepare leaders to tackle some of the world’s toughest business challenges?

We do this with a unique approach to learning that reverses the traditional leadership development process and teaches leaders new skills while they work on their most complex business challenges.

The Status Quo:
The typical approach to leadership development takes managers away from their jobs to teach them new skills. Often these programs use case studies or even action learning – where actual work situations are integrated into the training. But these programs follow an artificial and simplified approach to the work that leaves participants to figure out how to transfer what they’ve learned back to the true realities of their workplace. And, most often, this transfer never happens.

The Alternative:
Instead of bringing pieces of work into the classroom, we take “the classroom” to the work. We teach and coach the live action. We work with executives and their teams on their highest stake opportunities where the work is real, complete with its natural complexities and challenges. We then tailor-fit the learning to their work, rather than trying to fit their work into the learning.

The Advantage:
With this live-action learning, there isn’t a need for a “re-entry” strategy to help leaders apply newly learned skills back on the job. And, in addition to developing new capabilities, leaders actually solve real, high-stakes problems. We deliver highly relevant learning that allows our clients to get immediate traction and results – not after the development, but during the development.

By building a leader’s capability while they are working on their most pressing issues, they become prepared to tackle even more complex problems and opportunities. These leaders are then on the path to take on the most critical challenges faced by their organizations – or perhaps even the world!

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