Identify strengths and potential blind spots

With our digital assessments, you can find out from your team the ways your leadership is helpful and the times your leadership is diminishing. When taken before and after a Multipliers training, you’ll be prepared to tackle what’s most pressing during your session and then reevaluated afterward to see how you’ve improved over time. Assessment and report options include:

  • 360 Assessments
  • Self-Assessments
  • Team Aggregate Reports
Order An Assessment

Order an Assessment

Multipliers 360 Assessment

This robust, 77-question, multi-rater assessment gives leaders a baseline across the Multipliers leadership model. The report includes a net score across each of the five disciplines to quickly identify a few high-leverage starting points. Available in Spanish, Chinese (simplified), French, and Korean.


Accidental Diminisher 360 Assessment

In only 12 questions, participants quickly find out what their leadership blind spots are and how utilized their team feels. Their report will indicate: 1) how diminishing their behaviors are, 2) the blind spots to focus on first, 3) the amount of talent being underutilized, and 4) one shift recommendation from each rater.


Utilization Index 360 Assessment

Participants will find out how well they are utilizing their team with our shortest and simplest 360 assessment. Their report will include the percentage of talent that’s being underutilized and one recommended shift from each rater. Available in Spanish, Chinese (simplified), French, and Korean.



This self-assessment provides access to the Multipliers 360 without inviting any raters. Participants receive a report with scores based solely on their own perspective and includes a net score across each of the five disciplines. Available in Spanish, Chinese (simplified), French, and Korean.


Team Composite Report

This add-on group report is used by intact teams to aggregate everyone’s report data into a single view. It shows collective blind spots, the top accidentally diminishing tendencies, how utilized the people around the team feels, and comments from those around them for additional context.


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