Are you an Accidental Diminisher?

Find out how you might unintentionally diminish the people you lead.

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Most Diminishing is Accidental

While the narcissistic leaders grab the headlines, the vast majority of diminishing happening inside our workplaces is done by the Accidental Diminisher—managers with the best of intentions, good people who think they are doing a good job leading.

Accidental or not, the impact on their team is the same – Diminishers only get ½ of the true brainpower of their people.

Identify Your Own Diminishing Tendencies

We all have Accidental Diminisher moments. The secret to the Multiplier effect is knowing what your vulnerabilities are, spotting them in action, and turning these situations into Multiplier moments.

We have identified a few ways that well-intentioned leaders Accidentally Diminish and have created this quiz to help you identify yours. How might we, despite the very best intentions, be having a diminishing impact on the people we lead?


Take advantage of these resources as you discover and begin refining your well-intended Accidental Diminisher tendencies.

The Multiplier Effect - Book Discussion Guide - The Wiseman Group

Extinguish Accidental Diminishing

Download this tool to tackle your Accidental Diminishing tendencies.

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The Accidental Diminisher

John Maxwell’s Multiplier Story

Read more on page 204 in Multipliers.

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