Multipliers 10 Year Anniversary Tools

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Multipliers, we’re excited to share 10 Multipliers Tools to help you apply new practices to your most pressing challenges.

What Bad Habits Do I Need To Break?

John C. Maxwell breaks his diminishing habits.


Changing ingrained behavior is rarely as simple as swapping an existing behavior for a new, more effective behavior. Without understanding the context of our actions, we typically revert back to our comfortable habits.

This tool will help you to replace your bad habits (especially accidentally diminishing actions) with new habits that will, instead, amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around you.

Change doesn’t happen overnight; it happens over time. It is a process to shift and build habits with your desired behaviors. The new behaviors must become habitual, routine, and standard practice. And when you develop Multiplier behaviors and habits, it will set the tone and accountability for your entire organization.

Download “What Bad Habits Do I Need To Break?”

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