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The “Rapid Responder” is a leader who is quick to take action believing that they are building an agile, action-oriented team.

  • Intention: To keep the organization moving fast.
  • Outcome: The leader is the first and only one responding and growing.

Your Next Steps

Follow these steps to shift from Diminishing to Multiplying.

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5 Workarounds (2 min)

Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers: How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, introduces the “Rapid Responder” tendency and offers five simple practices to combat it.

Take Action:
Run an Experiment

Designed to help ameliorate your Rapid Responder tendency, this experiment will help you identify an important decision, frame the issue, spark a debate, and reach a decision.

"Make a Debate" Experiment

Slow your rapid responder down by sparking a debate. Build collective intelligence and speed to execution.

Download Experiment

Dive Deep:
Read the Book

Go beyond overcoming your diminishing tendencies and learn about becoming a Multiplier leader, someone who makes everyone around them smarter.

Report Back: 
Share your Experience

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The bestselling book that inspired the quiz

Written by Liz Wiseman, Multipliers began with a simple observation: There is more intelligence inside our organizations than we are using. Learn about the disciplines that set Multiplier leaders apart by fully utilizing all the genius around them.

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