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What could you accomplish if all the talent in your organization was fully utilized? What if you could 2x your teams intelligence?


Get ready for a mindset shift enabling your leaders to jump from using their intelligence to get results to using their smarts to amplify the capability of those they lead. Participants will discover the resoundingly positive and profitable effect that Multipliers have on organizations and what to do about their own accidental diminishing behaviors.

Leadership keynotes offered by The Wiseman Group
Leadership workshops offered by The Wiseman Group


For leaders who want to unleash the brilliance of their team and do more with less, our webinars provide research-backed strategies that can help everyone lead like a Multiplier. Pick 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the Multipliers Webinars. Each 90-minute session builds on the previous, offering a fresh perspective on how leaders can get more intelligence from their team.


Participants will learn the five disciplines that distinguish Multipliers from other leaders and will receive skill-building opportunities in areas where Multiplier leadership practices can practically and quickly be put to work inside the organization. They will also learn how they may be accidentally diminishing others talents and what to do about it.

Leadership workshops offered by The Wiseman Group
LEadership and team assessments offered by The Wiseman Group


The Multipliers Coaching System is designed to help you shift from being an Accidental Diminisher to an intentional Multiplier. Becoming a Multiplier matters because your people will give you more. Together with a coach, these eight conversations will help you access double the intelligence from your team.

“The Multipliers workshop gave us the language to correct problems in a positive way. Among the most valuable things, it taught our leaders is how to name and use our people’s talent.”

“Incredible presentation. The buzz continued throughout the conference.”

“Every leader should understand the Multipliers framework. It’s fresh. It’s actionable. There’s a high return on investment.”

“This was a fantastic keynote. Our leaders are expected to do more with less. The Multipliers framework gave us exactly we needed to make that possible.”

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