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Becoming a Multiplier matters.

We’ve all had experience with 2 dramatically different types of leaders:

  • Diminishers—leaders who drain intelligence, energy, and capability from the people around them

  • Multipliers—leaders who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around them

Becoming a Multipliers Leadership Coach matters even more.

It’s our mission to rid the world of bad bosses, but we can’t do it without the world’s best coaches: We need you.

As a Multipliers Coach, you won’t just inspire your clients; you’ll unlock their ability to access all of their team’s intelligence.

Because of you, your leaders will shift from accidentally diminishing others to intentionally multiplying, leading their organization to breakthrough results.

Built for your coaching practice.

Virtual or In-Person
Digital or Printed Materials
Individuals or groups
Up to 10

Coaching Conversations

The Multiplier Effect

The best leaders use their intelligence to tap the smarts of others.

Build Multipliers Habits

Move beyond the mindset by building Multiplier habits.

Ask Better Questions

Multiplier leaders understand how to ask questions that leverage the teams’ best thinking.

Challenge People to Stretch

People need leaders wondering, “What hard thing might they be capable of?”

Discover & Utilize Genius

Everyone is brilliant at something. Name Native Genius and put it to work.

Invest in Others

People are smart and will figure it out, operating best when they’re in charge and held accountable.

Learn From Mistakes

Mistakes are part of the process. People learn best from the consequences of their actions.

Play Fewer Chips

Give others the chance to play big. In return, a leader’s ideas will also be more impactful.

Demand Rigor Through Debate

Make smarter decisions using better thinking.

Dealing with Diminishers

It’s not necessarily about the leader. Diminishing isn’t inevitable. People can multiply up.

Accidental Diminisher 360 Assessment

Kick-off and wrap-up client engagements with the AD 360. Start by providing awareness of your clients’ accidentally diminishing behaviors. Conclude by showing how they’ve neutralized those tendencies and accessed more capability through your coaching.

The 360 report includes:

  • AD Score: Indicates the extent that others find the leader diminishing

  • AD Gap Analysis: Highlights the leader’s blindspot tendencies

  • Top 3 AD tendencies: The most selected diminishing tendencies

  • Utilization Index score: The amount of intelligence the leader utilizes

  • Improvement advice: Personalized suggestions from the leader’s team

Coach Kit

As a Multipliers Coach, you will be armed with the materials needed to coach in-person or virtually. Each coach kit includes:

  • Conversation Slides: Your personalized deck to lead virtual coaching conversations

  • Coach Guide: Your play-by-play conversation guide to design and lead your coaching sessions

  • Online Portal: Download digital materials, order client materials, and access discount codes only available to Multipliers coaches

Participant Kit

Provide your clients with the tools they’ll need to unlock genius. Each participant kit includes:

  • Participant Journal: Their go-to lab notebook for coaching conversations and experimentation

  • Multipliers Book: A soft copy of Multipliers, Revised and Updated

  • Team Nametags: A set of nametags for the participants team to name and share their native genius with others

  • Question Cards: A set of back pocket questions to help participants access what others know at a moment’s notice

  • Discussion Cards: A set of cards for participants to share what they’re learning and run a 3-minute 360 with their team

Coach Guide Sample

Coach Guide Sample

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