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As a Multipliers Coach, you won’t just inspire your clients; you’ll unlock their ability to access all of their team’s intelligence. Because of you, your leaders will shift from accidentally diminishing others to intentionally multiplying and leading their organization to breakthrough results.

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Traditional learning programsvs.Multipliers Coaching System

Leadership workshops offered by The Wiseman Group
Leadership keynotes offered by The Wiseman Group

Traditional learning programs

Leadership workshops offered by The Wiseman Group

Multipliers Coaching System

Leadership keynotes offered by The Wiseman Group

Coaching Conversations

Together with a coach, these eight conversations will help you access double the intelligence from your team.

Do Less, Challenge More

Calibrate noble intentions ensuring full utilization of your staff’s intelligence.

Learn From Mistakes

Create safe space for bold thinking by clarifying where people can take risks.

Discover and Utilize Genius

Capture latent intelligence by looking for genius. Put it to work on what matters.

Demand Rigor Through Debate

Make smarter decisions and get people’s best thinking through debate.

Ask the Right Questions

Spark better thinking by asking questions to focus on the right problems.

Challenge People to Stretch

Offer stretch challenges while generating belief that it’s possible.

Invest in Ownership

Increase company capability by giving ownership of work that will require growth.

Play Fewer Chips

Get people’s best thinking by knowing when to play small, so they can play big.

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With this Coaching Guide sneak peek, dive into facilitating the third Multipliers Coaching conversation, "Discovering and Utilizing Native Genius."

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