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Leadership Strengths Gone Bad

What happens when a manager is too quick with ideas and too swift with action? Or too supportive and helpful? Or just enthusiastic or optimistic?

Though these can be character virtues, many popular management practices can lead us, subtly but surely, down the slippery slope to accidentally shutting down our team.

Most Shutting Down is Accidental

While the narcissistic leaders grab the headlines, the vast majority of diminishing is done with the best of intentions by good people who think they are doing a good job leading.

Accidental or not, these leaders only get ½ of the true brainpower of the team by shutting down good ideas and smart people.

Your Intention Is Not Their Experience

It’s human nature for leaders to view their leadership through the lens of positive intentions while their teams are left experiencing the negative consequences.

While these diminishing tendencies may be blind spots for you, your team is fully aware and likely discusses them; they’re just not including you on any of the meeting invites.

Identify Your Own Blind Spots

We all have Accidental Diminisher moments. The secret is knowing what your vulnerabilities are, spotting them in action, and recalibrating them into leadership strengths.

We have identified a few ways that well-intentioned leaders accidentally shut down their team. Discover yours by taking this quiz.

The bestselling book that inspired the quiz

Written by Liz Wiseman, Multipliers began with a simple observation: There is more intelligence inside our organizations than we are using. Learn about the disciplines that set Multiplier leaders apart by fully utilizing all the genius around them.

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