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EKM Consulting

Latin America

EKM Consulting has improved organizations´ bottom line with tangible results by identifying the meaningful purpose and strategic focus, improving core processes to impact outcomes, and coaching and training the people involved.

They work closely with leaders to understand the growing pains and turn them into success stories. Their passion lies in providing guidance to drive both, change and continuous improvement for sustainable growth.

They are constantly educating themselves and keeping up to date with the latest training techniques, coaching practices, and consulting programs to provide their clients with the most efficient solutions. Some of their customers include GBM (an IBM partner), Scotiabank, EY (Ernst & Young), Hologic, Astra Zeneca, Cardinal Health and Lion Resources, amongst others.

During challenging times, they can help you and your staff to adjust the sails and focus on the changes the organization needs to face. Their mission is to find solutions and make your business grow stronger and achieve measurable results.

Experience Coaching with EKM

The motivation to act, change and improve is something that comes from within the person. This is why the executive coach asks questions that lead to looking inward and finding answers that produce personal and professional growth. Executive coaching is objective and impartial and the coach maintains complete confidentiality about the process.

As a starting point for the coaching we offer, we use the neuroscientific test (BTSA) developed by Dr. Katherine Benziger, which allows us to identify the dominant thinking style in the person and how to enhance it. The tools offered by the BTSA, combined with the guidance of a coach with managerial experience, will allow the person to take the necessary steps to achieve greater development, productivity and satisfaction in all areas of their life.

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Yolanda Elliott

Multipliers Master Practitioner
+(506) 8862-4504
[email protected]
Yolanda Elliot, Master Practitioner, The Wiseman Group

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