Elise Foster

Co-Author & Master Practitioner

Elise Foster

Co-Author & Master Practitioner

Early in her career, Elise Foster was happy as an engineer, managing high-profile global projects to solve complicated problems. But, it wasn’t long before she realized she wanted to solve different types of problems. Today, Elise is the co-author of The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Our Schools and a leadership coach who enables leaders to unlock their potential and achieve even greater success.

She is known for delivering dynamic, engaging and impactful workshops and keynotes for leaders across industries and levels of the organization. Building on her 15-plus years of engineering and organizational development, in organizations like Cummins, Inc. and Harvard University, she guides senior leaders to use their intelligence to make everyone around them smarter and more capable. She has coached leaders across industries, including bio-tech, energy, and higher education.

Elise has taught and coached students at Indiana University (Kelley School of Business) and as a management fellow at Harvard University. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Masters in Education from Harvard University.

She is the mother of one school-aged daughter, and Elise also enjoys travel, running, and volunteering.


What is a Multiplier?

Meet Elise Foster

My Own Blindspot

“Elise was amazing as our opening speaker! Our leaders left energized and ready for the start of school on Monday. We really appreciated her pushing us to think about our thinking.”

“Elise was an excellent speaker – great session. Highly applicable content and opportunity to drive personal and professional growth through this.”

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