Fleur Scott

Master Practitioner
Mark Sato, Master Practitioner, The Wiseman Group

Fleur Scott

Master Practitioner

Fleur is a skilled and knowledgeable Business Consultant and Chartered Occupational
Psychologist, Fleur brings extensive experience of managing, designing and
delivering complex talent management solutions across all sectors and
industries globally. Fleur is a specialist in behavioural assessment and
development, working with organisations and the individuals and teams
within them to help understand, identify, measure and develop the
behaviours that drive organisational success, cultural ‘fit’ and employee
engagement and wellbeing.

Fleur is extremely passionate about delivering value added solutions that
drive real transformational change. With almost 20 years of experience, Fleur
brings technical expertise combined with in depth understanding of the
behaviours that that drive performance across different sectors, roles and
levels. She takes an objective, robust and data driven approach, to help
organisations make decisions about their current and future talent needs.

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