Liz Wiseman

CEO & Author

Liz Wiseman

CEO & Author

Liz Wiseman is a researcher and executive advisor who teaches leadership to top organizations worldwide. She wrote the New York Times bestsellers Multipliers, The Multiplier Effect, and Wall Street Journal bestsellers Rookie Smarts and Impact Players.

She is the CEO of the Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development firm headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Some of her recent clients include Apple, AT&T, Disney, Meta, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Salesforce, Tesla, and X. Liz has received the top achievement award for leadership from Thinkers50. She has also been consistently named one of the world’s leading 50 management thinkers in its bi-annual ranking.

Liz has conducted significant research in leadership and talent development. She writes for Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and various other business and leadership journals and is a frequent guest lecturer at Brigham Young University and Stanford University. She is a former executive at Oracle, where she worked as the Vice President of Oracle University and the global leader for Human Resource Development. Liz holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s in organizational behavior from Brigham Young University.

Listen to Liz with Brené Brown

Liz joins best-selling author and researcher, Brené Brown, on Dare To Lead to discuss Impact Players.”

“Before I read this book, I knew who the Impact Players were, but I couldn’t define why.” — Brené Brown [17:50]

Listen to Liz with MBS

Liz joins her good friend, Michael Bungay Stanier (MBS), on 2 Pages with MBS to discuss Impact Players.

“Amazing things happen when you figure out what the agenda is, and then you work on it.” — Liz Wiseman [33:27]

Liz on Multipliers

Impact Players with Liz

Multipliers Keynote Clip

“Liz’s approach of combining leadership training with cross-functional problem solving is winning the battle for minds and culture, which is the hardest thing to do in businesses today.”

Ray Lane, General Partner
Former President of Oracle Corp.

“You have no idea how great that talk was. I’ve never been in a Tech Talk here where there wasn’t a room full of open laptops. Not Obama’s CIO, not the Executive Producer of House or Adam Savage from Myth Busters. Not even Liz is a powerhouse!”

Janet Van Huysse, Former Vice President of HR

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