Lori Emerick

Master Practitioner

Lori Emerick

Master Practitioner

Lori Emerick is Founder and Principal of Aspen Group Consulting, a leadership and inclusion consultancy. She is a Master Practitioner for The Wiseman Group, delivering keynote presentations and workshops founded on research published in Multipliers, How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. She is also an adjunct professor at Portland State University in the School of Business/MBA Program, in Portland, Oregon.

Lori brings 20+ years of experience in leadership and board development, inclusion & diversity, and organizational development inside Fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations. These include Nike, Intel, Kaiser Permanente and Boeing. During her time at Nike, she led the global initiative to integrate Multipliers habits into the leadership framework for the company.

Lori delivers insight and solutions that probe beyond the surface. Her approach includes artful questioning and candid commentary, resulting in transformational gains for leaders and their teams. She is sought out for her collaborative, creative, and inclusive nature in her partnership approach with clients.

Lori loves spending time with family, traveling, running and practicing yoga. She also volunteers with Children’s Cancer Association (CCA), where she is a Chemo Pal to a courageous two-year-old.


Multipliers Workshop

Multipliers Keynote at Nike

“Lori is a strong leader who has the unique ability and balance to be a strategic catalyst, create the relational capital to influence change, and marshal resources to drive results. Perhaps more importantly she leads with integrity, authenticity, and trust. Simply put, Lori is one of the most real people I have ever been fortunate to work with.”

Clint K, Head of Talent Development
Worldwide Healthcare Company

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