Rob DeLange

Master Practitioner

Rob DeLange

Master Practitioner

Rob DeLange is the President of Career Climb Consulting, LLC and a Master Practitioner at The Wiseman Group. Rob is a keynote speaker, executive coach, and facilitates leadership workshops worldwide. He has worked with small and mid-sized business and many Fortune 500 companies including 3M, Abbvie, AT&T, eBay, LG Electronics, Roche, Pepperidge Farm, and Salesforce. In addition, Rob has worked extensively with various non-profit organizations including AAMC, CASA, Excentia, JHU Applied Physics Lab, LeTourneau University, MITRE, University of Oregon, and World Vision International.

Rob has over 18 years of experience managing corporate learning centers, developing leaders, and building high-performance teams. He started his career as a programming supervisor at Pacific Bell (now AT&T). At PeopleSoft he was a product support manager, then led the technical training organization. He was instrumental in achieving PeopleSoft’s recognition in the top 5 ATD BEST 100 training organizations in 2004. Rob led HR and field sales training functions for EMC’s software division, worked as a talent management consultant at Visa Inc., and was Director of Training at The Wiseman Group before starting his own business in 2014.

Rob has worked internationally in over 14 countries and is fluent in Spanish. Rob is SPHR certified and holds a Masters degree in Systems Management from the University of Denver and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University.

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Multipliers Keynote

“My First Multiplier Leader”

“Rob is just incredible. Not sure if there is a better word to describe Rob and his talent and services he brings. He knows how to get directly to the root of organizational issues, everything from relational issues to growth opportunities within teams. Rob is very knowledgeable in many areas of executive coaching. He has a toolbox of skills, knowledge and exercises he knows how to apply. If you have never used a coach or team advisor to grow your organization, I’d recommend you work with Rob.”

Matthew Henry, CIO

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