Stu MacLennan

Master Practitioner
Mark Sato, Master Practitioner, The Wiseman Group

Stu MacLennan

Master Practitioner

Stu MacLennan is a Master Practitioner for The Wiseman Group where he leads Multipliers training workshops, conducts keynotes for business leaders and provides leadership coaching.

Stu is a Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach that comes with almost 20 years of leadership at companies like Apple and Oracle. In his twelve years at Apple, Stu was tasked with growing the U.S. Enterprise Business from just under $100M to over $1B in revenue.

When at Apple, he worked extensively with Liz Wiseman around his own journey as a leader who was admittedly an accidental diminisher at that time. Whilst on this journey, Stu transformed his approach and became known in the industry as someone who could unleash capability in everyone around him. Stu resides in Bend, Oregon with his wife and two children.

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