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Greater impact isn't about working harder or longer.

The workplace is full of people who want to contribute in meaningful ways, yet not everyone knows how to make an impact.
We can put in long hours and work hard, but if our effort is off target, we’ll end up with great work that’s irrelevant.
The Impact Players we studied didn’t necessarily work any harder or any longer than their peers. However, there were five practices that made them stand out.
Impact Players for Greater Impact at Work

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The 5 Practices of Impact Players

Drawing on insights from leaders at top companies, these five practices differentiate Impact Players from the rest.

Do the Job That's Needed

While others do their job, Impact Players do the job that’s needed.

Step Up, Step Back

While others wait for direction, Impact Players step up and lead.

Finish Stronger

While others escalate problems, Impact Players move things across the finish line.

Ask and Adjust

While others attempt to minimize change, Impact Players learn and adapt to change.

Make Work Light

While others add to the load, Impact Players make heavy demands feel lighter.

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Liz Wiseman

Liz Wiseman is a researcher and executive advisor who teaches leadership around the world. She has conducted significant research in the field of leadership and collective intelligence and writes for Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and a variety of other business and leadership journals. She is a frequent guest lecturer at BYU and Stanford University and is a former executive at Oracle Corporation, where she worked as the Vice President of Oracle University and as the global leader for Human Resource Development.
Impact Players Author: Liz Wiseman

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Listen to Liz with Brené Brown

Liz joins best-selling author and researcher, Brené Brown, on Dare To Lead to discuss Impact Players.”

“Before I read this book, I knew who the Impact Players were, but I couldn’t define why.” — Brené Brown [17:50]

Listen to Liz with MBS

Liz joins her good friend, Michael Bungay Stanier (MBS), on 2 Pages with MBS to discuss Impact Players.

“Amazing things happen when you figure out what the agenda is, and then you work on it.” — Liz Wiseman [33:27]

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