Take this quiz to find out if you are drawing on the power of learning to perform at your best.

1. Identify Your Current Challenge Level

In a fast-paced, constantly changing environment it is easy to find oneself red lining trying to keep pace with it all. Or we can get burnt out from repeatedly applying the same, known solutions to changing scenarios with less than stellar effects.

This simple quiz can help you identify the challenge level of your current situation and give you the power to fully engage as a learner to perform at your best.

2. Perform a Learning Experiment

Our belief is that all people are natural learners. However, as people become skilled, they can get comfortable and fall out of the learning zone.

Based on your quiz results, we will recommend learning experiments as a practical starting point for sharpening your rookie smarts. You don’t even need to know where the experiment will lead. Just start.

3. Shift Back into Rookie Mode

Wise leaders leverage the rookie smarts on their team, not out of an obligation to “enlightened” management practices, but because of the value rookies bring to the table: new practices, expert networks, agility, tireless improvisation, and a greater sense of ownership.

How might you amplify the rookie voice inside your organization? Begin making the shift today by taking the quiz below.

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