Who We Are

We are a research and training firm focused on helping organizations access all the talent and genius in their teams; the ultimate competitive advantage.

Our Team

What began with Liz and Larry Wiseman, The Wiseman Group has grown into a small but mighty team that is more like a family than anything else. We’re excited to take part in your Multiplier journey and are ready to help build a high-contribution culture together. 

Leadership keynotes offered by The Wiseman Group
Leadership workshops offered by The Wiseman Group

Our Partners

Get access to Multipliers training through one of our certified global and regional partners. Find a partner nearest to you and begin your journey to building a high-contribution culture where all of your people’s talent is fully utilized.

Our Clients

During this era of rapid change, tapping into all of the available talent versus relying on the smarts of a few is critical. We work together with organizations and teams around the world to build cultures that foster high-contribution and the full utilization of all their people.

Leadership keynotes offered by The Wiseman Group

Our Services


Learn about the resoundingly positive and profitable effect that Multipliers have on organizations.

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Learn the five disciplines of a Multiplier and practice applying them inside your organization.

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Become a certified Multipliers practitioner and deliver our research to your clients or organization.

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Locate where genius and talent may be slipping through the cracks in your organization.

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Schedule a call with our team to create a development strategy tailored to your organization's needs.

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