Alyssa Gallagher

Training Director & Collaborator

Alyssa Gallagher

Collaborator & Master Practitioner

Alyssa Gallagher is a Collaborator and Master Practitioner for the Wiseman Group. Alyssa is also the co-author of Design Thinking for School Leaders.

Previously, she was the Director of Strategic Initiatives & Community Partnership for the Los Altos School District. Under Alyssa’s guidance, LASD became a nationally recognized leader in education innovation with her work featured in Forbes, Wired, The Economist magazines and on CNN and the CBS News program 60 Minutes.

Alyssa was recognized as the “2013 Education Multiplier of the Year” and enjoys coaching leaders on the Multiplier mindsets and disciplines.

Meet Alyssa Gallagher

Multipliers Keynote

On-Stage @ Centene

“Alyssa truly did a masterful job of delivering a message that was meaningful and compelling. Her insights were eye opening; participants left energized, and their initial reactions speak to the power of the content and her story telling. She definitely raised that bar for future speakers!”

Jeanetta Vena, Manager, Leadership Development

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